The first Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries under the main topic “Peace, Civilization and Cooperation” was conducted by OIC Organization of Islamic Cooperation in cooperation with TASAM Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies on 28-30 January 2010 In Istanbul. With the “Istanbul Declaration” accepted at the end of the Forum, Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries (ISTTP) was established to bring together knowledge and experiences of think tanks of the Islamic Countries to activate joint communication and cooperation opportunities. Each year under the various topics Forum was held in Istanbul, Baku, Cairo, Bagdad and Islamabad. With Islamabad Declaration adopted at the end of the 6th Forum which was conducted in 6-8 March 2015 in Islamabad and hosted by TASAM and Pakistan Senate Defense Committee, it has been decided to change activity’s title to World Islamic Forum (WIF) to make it more inclusive.