The organisers of the World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition 2016 (Wise 2016), consisting of International Islamic University Malaysia, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), World Islamic Forum (WIF), Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Malaysia, Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM), are grateful to the International Islamic University Malaysia and its partners for hosting this timely and important Summit and for their generous hospitality extend to all participants and delegates from all over the world.

Welcoming the recommendation of the 6th Think tank Forum of the Islamic Countries and the Islamabad Deceleration which  recommended holding a “Muslim Women’s Summit” in Kuala Lumpur in September 2015, the International Islamic University Malaysia and its partners organised the 1st World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition 2016 (Wise 2016) on 23-25 September 2016 in Kuala Lumpur; 

Reaffirming the need of strengthening cooperation among Muslim countries, Governments, civil society, the private sector and the lager community on the empowerment of women and their comprehensive engagement in peacebuilding  and societal development activities, the 1st World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition 2016 (Wise 2016) stresses the actioning of recommendations and suggestions pertaining to the empowerment of Muslim women in all sectors and spheres moving from the language of rights of Muslim women to the practical agenda and programs of real roles and empowerment of Muslim women;  

Commending the various on-going initiatives and programs undertaken by Muslim Governments, the OIC, civil society, private sector and other communal forces, the 1st World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition 2016 (Wise 2016) stresses the importance of having a clear agenda and program with specific key result areas and targets for the empowerment and engagement of Muslim in peacebuilding and societal development without any discrimination or gender bias or injustice of any forms; 

Stressingthe importance of engaging women in peacebuilding, societal development, decision making, transformation activities, the 1st World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition 2016 (Wise 2016) urges the Muslim governments, civil society, Islamic organisations, private sector to contribute immensely towards balanced empowerment of women providing the necessary political will and financial resources needed to achieve measurable developments in Muslim women’s life; 

Mindfulof the new challenges faced by Muslim women as well as the changes taking place in the Islamic world, the 1st World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition 2016 (Wise 2016) urges all relevant institutions and parties to act now in order to create real opportunities for women, build balanced education for women empowerment, engage women in economic and political development across Islamic communities; and 

Aware of the need for transformation at regional and global levels, hereby WISE partners agree to:

  1. Enhance education as one of the pillars of Muslim women empowerment in the Islamic world urging all relevant parties to accelerate the education of women through providing opportunities, scholarships and financial assistance required for increasing the numbers of educated Muslim women in all disciplines and fields of study;
  1. Widen the role and impact of Muslim women as scientists, decision makers, civils society builders and peace builders at local, regional and International levels;  
  1. Enhance the role of women in combating Islam phobia, extremism, gender bias, injustices, bloodshed, ignorance and all forms marginalization of Muslim women as peacebuilders and leaders of societal transformation through inter and intra-Islamic collaboration and movement of people and ideas; 
  1. Contribute to the promotion of women empowerment and engagement through collaboration between the governments, civil society, education institutions, private sector, industry and community;
  1. Develop specific programs designed to prepare Muslim women for impactful roles through engaging of Muslim women in entrepreneurial and decision making activities;
  1. Engage Muslim women in outreach and exchange programs within the OIC member countries and beyond through creating paltforums and mechanisms for sharing best practices, practicing voluntarism and solving problem facing Muslim women in different countries;
  1. Support creating a wider network of Muslim women across the Islamic world through developing and a comprehensive Muslim Women online Portal which features the success of Muslim women, changes facing Muslim women, data bases of Muslim women in all endeavours
  1. Increase visibility of Muslim women role models through increased media and promotional activities highlighting Muslim women worldwide;
  1. Form Wise International Think Tank team to develop action plan oversee the implementation of programs and actions plans pertaining to Muslim women empowerment

     10. Recommend that the World Islamic Forum to be host and organiser of the Wise 2017;

  1. Make the Wise Award celebrating the success of Muslim women in all spheres as an annual event conducted every years in conjunction with Wise; 
  1. Make the awarding of scholarships to Muslim women especially the talented needy Muslim women especially in war and minority Muslim countries as a feature of the Wise and its agenda.

We are committed on the above ambitions and aims. This document serves as the guiding framework in collaborating for the betterment of the role of Muslim women in peacebuilding and societal development across the Islamic world.

We task all our partners to implement this Declaration, and report to regularly through the Wise International Council on the progress of the implementation.


Adopted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

on the 25th Sep