3rd Forum - Change and Transformation in the OIC Countries

(02 - 03 March 2012) Bakü - Azerbeycan 
“Change and Transformation in the OIC Countries”

The Third “Think Tanks Forum of the OIC Countries” will be organized by Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SAM) and TASAM Institute of Islamic Studies in Baku with the main theme “Change and Transformation in the OIC Countries”, between 1-3 March, 2012.

With the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, many countries around the world entered a period of change and transformation. Because of changing global and local political conditions such as increased opportunities for communication, progress made in information technology; acceleration in the flow of goods, capital and people, a similar change and transformation has become inevitable in the OIC countries as well. In general, when we look at the last three or four decades, OIC member countries have fallen behind economic and social dynamism of the developed world. This has made sociological, political and economic problems that OIC member countries are striving to resolve more intractable. At this point, innovations in the field of communication and Internet access have allowed people compare themselves with Western democracies and led to the emergence of new problems of legitimacy between peoples and governments. Therefore, to determine the most appropriate and efficient methods, the OIC countries have to evaluate visions in the areas of public administration, economic human development, human resources development at the national and international levels.