2nd Forum - Public Diplomacy

(30 - 31 March 2011), Istanbul - Turkey)
"Public Diplomacy"

We believe that institutionalization of public diplomacy in OIC countries will make strategic contributions for them to become efficient international actors. The forum aims to contribute at creating awareness of the necessary scientific studies and at developing joint projects by public bodies and think tanks to fulfill the purpose. Chairmen of the think tanks from OIC countries, diplomats, bureaucrats, media members, specialists and academicians who are connected with the meeting’s subjects are expected to participate in the Forum. The concept of “Public Diplomacy” will be discussed under the following subtitles: “Public Diplomacy: Theoretical and Conceptual Framework”, “The Actors in Public Diplomacy”, “Security and Public Diplomacy”, “Education, Cultural Activities and Public Diplomacy”, “Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy”, Economic Activities and Public Diplomacy”.