1st Think Tanks Forum of the Isiamic Countries

"Civilization of Peace and Cooperation"

“Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries” will be organized by the Institute of Islamic Countries of TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) in Istanbul between 28-30 January 2010.

Islamic Countries face many challenges in the 21st century and to address those challenges is only possible through promoting tolerance and moderation, modernization; making reforms in all spheres of activities including science and technology, education, trade enhancement, emphasizing good governance and promoting human rights and the family values enshrined by Islam.

Especially through organizing meetings involving representatives from genuine disciplines of think tank organizations, it will be possible to observe and watch political, socio-cultural and economic developments emerging on the regional and global levels and concerning both state and civil society, to share and assess collective knowledge, and to develop creative dialogues for present and future. Otherwise, it cannot be possible to overcome problems and benefit from new opportunities that will be encountered. This forum aims at contributing in the achievement of these goals and a healthy institutionalization after the forum.

Participation of chairmen and directors of the think tank organizations and intellectuals accepted as opinion leaders from all Islamic countries in the Congress is expected to this forum which is organised with the close collaboration of the General Secretariat of the OIC.


Civilization of Peace and the New Vision of the Organization of Islamic Conference

Security Issues in Islamic Countries, Common Security Policies and Perspectives (Iraq, Afghanistan, Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Palestine, Nigeria, Sudan, etc.)

Islamophobia and Islamic World - West Relations in the post-September 11 Era

Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Process in the Islamic World

Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights and New Security Approaches in the Member Countries of OIC

Cooperation and Institutionalization among the Think Tank Organizations of Islamic Countries in the Perspective of Public Diplomacy