6th Forum - Building Multi - Dimensional Security in Islamic Countries


 (06 - 08 March 2015), Islamabad - Pakistan

"Multidimensional Security Building in Islamic Countries"

The 6th Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic countries, therefore, aims at academically contributing to address the important issue of multi-dimensional security among Islam member states under changing circumstances and creation of awareness as well as developing mechanisms for deepening multifaceted cooperation in the field of security. 


Main Theme

Multidimensional Security Building in Islamic Countries



- Imperatives of Multi-dimensional Security : Political, Economic, Strategic Dimensions

- Cooperative Security: Challenges and Prospects

  (Intra-sect Harmony, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Communication Network and Intra-Islam Dialogue)

- Non-traditional Security Threats

 (Terrorism, Extremism, Economy, Cyber Security, Energy-Food-Water Security, Organized Crimes, Natural Disasters, Environment, Drug        Trafficking, etc.)

- Defence and Space Industry: Opportunities and Risks, Cooperation for Nuclear Non-proliferation

- Soft Power Building and Management

  (Human Resource Development, Governance, Civil Society, Media, Image Building, etc.)


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